Asnaghi Interiors, The Art of The Italian Style Furniture Since 1916

Founded by Giuseppe Asnaghi in 1916, the growth of the company began in the 1970s with the creation of furniture for luxury and presidential villas, embassies and other prestigious projects arising out of the development Middle East and countries, where modern elements of design receive great acclaim.

In 1993 the third generation of the Asnaghi family transformed the brand into Asnaghi Interiors and the company extended its product distribution, amongst others into the emerging Russian Federation, where it can boast exclusive furnishings for the Kremlin.

Asnaghi Interiors reinvents the undiminished charms of yesterdays styles to satisfy even the most complex interior design projects. It is this famous skill and elegance that has made them one of the most important brands in the field of classical Italian furniture - all Made in Italy. The production of custom-designed, personalized furniture and the quest for exquisite finishes are the cornerstones that attest to the adaptability of the company at Meda.

Nowadays, the high quality products and rich finishes are displayed in major cities of the world, from historic showrooms in Dubai, London, Miami and Moscow to those recently opened in China , U.S. and Iran.

Iran is certainly a unique market in the Middle East. It is populous and rich with a great cultural roots and a nice taste in art.

Today, Irsacom Co.,Ltd has the pleasure of representing the most luxury classic furnitures of the world in Iran.